Taking action on the climate crisis

This page contains a series of articles and resources that we hope encourage action and education on the climate crisis.

Your union is already gearing up for further action in relation to education and climate change, with a list of 15 recommendations from the SSTUWA’s response to the Education and Health Standing Committee - Inquiry into the response of WA schools to climate change.

Education has an incredibly vital role to play in addressing climate change in Australia and globally.

Are you passionate about climate action?

Join the new SSTUWA Climate Action Working Group. 

The purpose of the working group is to further the principles of education for sustainability within TAFEs
and Department of Education schools. Planning and actions will address the current workload, funding
and training issues that act as barriers to education for sustainability in our workplaces.

Submit your EOI by Friday 17 February:

Join the Climate Action Working Group
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Climate action resource list:

  • SSTUWA response to: The inquiry into the response of Western Australian schools to climate change
  • AEU Public Education and the Climate Emergency Policy
  • Seventeen Global Goals for Sustainable Development to End Extreme Poverty
  • Education for Sustainable Development at Busselton SHS: slides from Geoff Holt's panel discussion at SSTUWA State Council June 2022
  • The climate crisis: educating for sustainability - slides from Dr Sonja Kuzich's panel discussion at SSTUWA State Council June 2022
  • Everyday Stories of Climate Change
  • EOI - Climate Action Working Group 2023.pdf

Tackling climate change feature stories