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Senior Officers

Senior Officers

Executive consists of three senior officers and fifteen executive members who, together with the general secretary, are elected every three years.

Pat Byrne - 200x250.jpg
Pat Byrne
Exec 2020 - Matt Jarman 2021 - 250x200.png
Matt Jarman
Senior Vice President
Exec - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Sharmila Nagar headshot 250x200.jpg
Sharmila Nagar
Vice President
SO 4 - 2017 SSTUWA Mary Franklyn General Secretary headshot 250x200.jpg
Mary Franklyn
General Secretary



Executive consists of three senior officers and fifteen executive members who, together with the general secretary, are elected every three years. You can find full rules on elections and roles here.

Exec 1 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Bruce Banyard headshot 250x200.jpg
Bruce Banyard
Exec 2022 - Geoff Holt - 250x200.png
Geoff Holt
Exec 10 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Graeme Repper headshot 250x200.jpg
Graeme Repper
Exec 4 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Kate Bunney headshot 250x200.JPG
Kate Bunney
Exec 2022 - Marie Klein - 250x200.png
Marie Klein
Exec 11 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Lincoln Rose headshot 250x200.jpg
Lincoln Rose
Exec 13 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Sharon Vertigan headshot 250x200.jpg
Sharon Vertigan
Exec 2020 - Jasmine Harris - 250x200.png
Jasmine Harris
Exec 7 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Jan Lau headshot 250x200.jpg
Jan Lau
SO 3 - 2017 SSTUWA Samantha Schofield Vice President headshot 250x200.jpg
Samantha Schofield
Exec 14 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Pauline Winrow headshot 250x200.jpg
Pauline Winrow
Exec 6 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Simon Hitchens headshot 250x200.JPG
Simon Hitchens
Exec 2020 - Kathy Mannion 2020 - 250x200.png
Kathy Mannion
Exec 12 - 2017 SSTUWA Executive Anne Tumak headshot 250x200.jpg
Anne Tumak

State Council

State Council is the governing body of the SSTUWA and its supreme decision-making authority, with policy directives issued by State Council to be adhered to by all members. Meeting twice a year, State Council considers motions put forward by branches and district councils. These decisions guide the policies and processes of the union, giving members a direct say in the union’s direction and governance.

State Council comprises the senior officers, ordinary executive members, general secretary and delegates elected from each district. Annual elections for district delegates to State Council are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

District Council

The State is divided into districts, with each district entitled to representation at District Council level. These councils then have a range of powers including formulating a district position on local issues and making recommendations to Executive and State Council about union policy.


The SSTUWA has an active committee system contributing to the governance of the union. These committees are:

  • Aboriginal Education Committee
  • LGBTIQ Committee
  • Country Matters Working Party Committee
  • Early Childhood Educators Committee
  • International Committee
  • New Educators Committee
  • School Leaders Committee
  • School Psychology Services Committee
  • Women’s Committee

The committees generally meet at least once a term. The term of office is 12 months and will end on competition of the following year's committee elections.

The terms of reference of the committees, as endorsed by Executive, are as follows:

  1. Review and revise relevant union policy.
  2. Assist in the formulation of position papers.
  3. Assist in the planning and organisation of seminars, conferences and other membership activities.
  4. Monitor government and employer actions under relevant legislation.
  5. Evaluate SSTUWA rules, policies and other positions as examples of “best practice”.
  6. Consider and make recommendations on matters referred by the Administrative Committee and Executive.
  7. Make recommendations to Executive on matters considered by the committee.

Union Elections

For more information on union nominations and elections as they occur throughout the year, visit the SSTUWA governance and AEU WA governance sections.

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