OCTOBER 24, 2019


The Lesmurdie play forum was a great success, teachers from as far as Comet Bay came to share and be inspired by other early childhood teachers in what strategies and activities they could employ in their class and schools.

We started the forum explaining the Play is Learning campaign and moved quickly into developing and sharing what strategies each teachers used to underwrite play-based learning in the CLASS, TEAM and SCHOOL.

Heres what people said:


  • Set up provocations based on children’s interest and current curriculum goals
  • Small group, individual and whole class learning – based on play.
  • Use the students’ needs and interest to lead your teaching (planning)
  • Allow time for uninterrupted play (timetabled).
  • Bringing outdoors in and indoors out.
  • Change provocations regularly
  • Constantly looking for resources to provide motivation, stimulation and exploration.
  • Investigation centres.
  • Centres/play area where children have choice and agency
  • Plan to Play – areas to meet curriculum requirements


  • Follow EYLF
  • Follow NQS
  • Agreement – understanding
  • Discussions in K-2 collaboration for ECE resources
  • Whole day planning
  • Planning for Play – professional learning
  • Teacher Development Schools visits
  • Visit to mud days


  • Physical space
  • Equipment: loose/fixed
  • Time for self – initiated/child directed play
  • Supported and valued by the whole school
  • Parents on board
  • Busy – messy, loud, happy
  • Conversational
  • Social
  • Purposeful
  • Play policy – for parents; staff; stakeholders written by the ECE team
  • Huge budget: important and valued
  • EAs full time PP; Part time Yr 1/Yr 2.
  • Viable learning – modified
  • Adapted timetable – longer play


Aeroplane Play Zone: Kate August. Comet Bay Ps

In Kate's Yr 2/3 class, students did everything from making passports, timetables and using the space for reading. Links to curriculum areas through use of space: Geography destinations; 3D shapes – food on the trolley; children looked at clocks which then fed into time; baggage can be weighed, measurement concepts. Travel to ancient Egypt one day then Punctuation Land the next.